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It’s the afternoon, and you deserve a break. Sit back, pour yourself a glass, and enjoy these food stories from around the Internet. Hilarious: there’s now a dating service for salad lovers. Just Salad , a chain that hawks leafy lunches, created “SaladMatch,” which matches healthy eaters based on their preferred type of salad. It only works if you’re near one of the store’s locations—only in New York and Hong Kong—so you might have to hop on a plane if you want to meet your salad soulmate. Dominique Ansel is at it his dessert mash-up antics once again. Line up at the bakery now, folks. This restaurant has very strong words for the town it was situated in. If Facebook were an ice cream, this is what it would look like.

Bizarre dating sites you didn’t know existed

Mullet Mating Got a mullet, want to date someone with a mullet or both? No one will judge your funky ‘do on MulletPassions. With the “Twilight” craze upon us, there’s no denying that there are real? They find each other on VampireSocial.

Roasted Pear and Fennel Salad with Date Vinaigrette & Hazelnuts for great food, entertaining and design and dedicated to lovers of beauty everywhere.

That person who’s always checked in on Foursquare when you’re running out for your lunchtime roughage might just be your soul mate, or so says Just Salad. Their new dating app, SaladMatch , aims to pair you up based on your salad preferences. Yes, that’s right, Restdejting , there’s a food-centric new dating app in town. It’s simple design might make finding love easy; just sign up through Facebook, let the world know what kind of salad is your go-to, where and when you chow down, and start perusing pictures.

Facebook pulls in participants’ names, ages, and pictures, and will tell you whether you and a potential match share some mutual friends. A quick tap on a passionately pink salad bowl “Yes” or a black mezzaluna “No” is all that’s needed to find your future love. If they vote the same way on you, SaladMatch will connect you on their chat function and suggest you schedule a rendez-vous over some mesclun or whatever you like. Don’t see someone you like? Then enjoy hitting “No” and feeling the satisfaction of letting them know they’ve been chopped.

Just Salad only has locations in those cities. You can, however, follow their lead and strike up a conversation with that healthy hunk in line behind you at your local salad joint.

New Dating App Tosses Together Salad Lovers

Whether you’re going for love or lust, there’s a slew of different dating apps out there to help you make a connection. App : Cupidtino. What it is : Cupidtino is the first ever “Mac-inspired” dating app designed exclusively for fans of Apple products.

Just Salad then created SaladMatch to help single customers meet their mates. Next, someone should create a pizza-lovers app, amirite? Geek.

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Winner notified on September 7th via email. Home All Recipes Radicchio, pink grapefruit and date salad Back. Print Recipe. Ingredients Method Ingredients 1 pink grapefruit 1 juicy and large fresh date or two smaller ones 5 — 6 large red radicchio leaves slices of red onions sliced thinly on a mandolin 10 pistachio nuts, peeled and roughly chopped excellent quality extra virgin olive oil white balsamic vinegar. Method Start by peeling the grapefruit, making sure you remove all the white pith.

Cut into discs mm in thickness, making sure you catch as much juice as you can. Arrange the slices on a serving plate.

From farmers to salad toppings: 26 weirdly niche dating sites

Get a weekly delivery of sweet stories, fresh recipes and hot events in our community direct to your inbox. I don’t want to subscribe at this time. This is a sweet and healthy salad that uses shredded carrots, dates, almonds and pomegranates. Tanya Tolchin See all posts. Tanya Tolchin grows vegetables and flowers on her family farm in Maryland just 20 miles from Washington, DC.

From the dating advice or best place to love, as you. Good match: salad lovers with veggies, healthy, and salty combination of the obvious real quick: for.

Plus, it means meals we eat together can get a little boring so I was determined to change his mind. Just keep to the approximate quantities in terms of wet, dry and fresh ingredients and everything should work out fine. This will make all the difference. Want a touch more sourness? Add a few more capers. Bring 2 cups water and quinoa to the boil and then simmer for minutes until water is fully absorbed.

Turn off heat and leave to cool. Mix all other ingredients in a large bowl and then add salt and pepper to taste. You can serve this with some Greek yoghurt mixed with a little cumin and honey if you wish but it’s great by itself, too. Occasional stories, food and travel inspiration. Recipes Travel Other. So in terms of possible substitutions, you could try: Dried fruit: sultanas, raisins, currants, cranberries, apricots diced or apple diced Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, macadamias or pinenuts.

Seeds: pepitas sunflower , flaxseed, chia, or pomegranate.

Our Best Date-Night Recipes for Two

Hi, this web browser has Javascript disabled. As a result, several features will be disabled. Try this Lovers Salad With strawberry Vinaigrette recipe, or contribute your own. Add the vinegar, oil, mustard, salt and pepper.

Salad Match is the new dating app from a New York-based fast-casual restaurant called Just Salad. The app is free to download, and you.

Kale and Spinach Base. Energize Salad. Spinach Base. Dressed with Walnut Basil Dressing. Kale Base. Super Immunity.

Broccoli, Almond and Bacon Salad

By Sadie Whitelocks. For lettuce-lovers on the lookout for romance, a new dating app called Salad Match has launched. It asks users to enter their favorite type of leaf, topping, and dressing, along with a photograph of themselves and matches them up to other single people with similar tastes. The software, which is free to download, was launched by New York-based takeout spot, Just Salad, which says many of its customers bond in line over their love of vegetables.

Shared tastes: For lettuce-lovers searching for romance, a new dating app called Salad Match has launched.

But can it also lead to love? A new dating app suggests it might. SaladMatch, launched by the Just Salad cafe chain, asks users to indicate their.

There are plenty of recipes worthy of a special occasion like a date night at home , but most are designed to serve at least four people. While that’s not always an issue—who doesn’t want a lovely leftover meal for lunch or dinner? When that’s the case, these recipes for two are exactly what you need. This collection of two-serving recipes includes cocktails and appetizers to start the night off, several main courses and exciting side dishes to enjoy them with, and a spectacular dessert for a sweet finish.

Start with a sip of our very romantic Pink Gin Martini —its rose-colored hue speaks Valentine’s Day, thanks to the inclusion of cherry kirsch. Looking for a drink that offers a little more kick? Try our recipe for a Habanero-Hibiscus Sour ; a sweet simple syrup made with habanero chiles and dried hibiscus flowers creates a bouquet of flavor. When it comes to the main course, nothing says a special date night dinner like a juicy steak served with roasted vegetables or a crisp salad.

Finish the meal off with rich and decadent Chocolate-Mousse Parfaits. They’re topped with a lightly sweetened whipped cream and crushed spice cookies yet another reason to dig in. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, Valentine’s Day , or just spending some quality time with your partner, these recipes for two are worthy of romantic dinner any night of the week. What’s a dinner date without an elegant cocktail?

A Match Made in the Salad Bowl: New App Helps Herbivores Find Love

The thing about summer salads is they are totally versatile, interchangeable and flexible. Case-in-point is this delicious recipe from Cooking Light for Quinoa Salad with Asparagus, Dates and Orange ; here are all the changes I made to the original recipe:. So when I decided I was craving the flavors of Spain after reading this post from my favorite French blog , I searched through the Salads book and found this salad with the Spanish combo of mint, oranges, dates and peppery spice.

But knowing I had no quinoa, I subbed barley from a recipe one page over. The result: Tastes full of Spanish sunshine on my plate with the sweet citrus and dates cutting the jalapeno spice…chewy, hearty barley…and lemon juice, salt, and mint in the dressing to bring it all into balance.

I even have the Date Night In cookbook and somehow this recipe slipped by me “I’m trying to get the world (aka my friends) to love kale salads as much as i do​.

Salad Match dating app by Just Salad matches salad enthusiasts with one another. Credit: iTunes. Chopped salad has become a go-to lunch for many cosmopolitans in search of a healthy, convenient meal on the go. But can it also lead to love? A new dating app suggests it might. SaladMatch , launched by the Just Salad cafe chain, asks users to indicate their salad preferences by filling out a short in-app profile, then allows them to peruse a series of other like-minded diners.

If two individuals select each other, it’s a “match. We don’t claim to have the best matchmaking algorithm out there or anything,” said Nick Kenner, co-founder of Just Salad and one of the creators of the app. Launched at the end of August, the SaladMatch app is actually the next evolution of a dating website the chain launched in With more than 10, profiles on the site before it was shut down, customers were clearly interested in meeting one another online and, potentially, in store.

The site has since been closed as it moves to the app, which Kenner said is a highly improved matching model.

Salad Match, a Dating Portal for Lusty Lettuce Lovers

This article is from the archive of our partner. Addicted to salad? The app uses a series of questions on salad preferences to suggest matches with other good-looking herbivores, and if the two mutually approve, the app sets them up with a conversation and, hopefully, a salad date. Though the mobile app is a new venture for Just Salad, the New York, create-your-own-salad store has been targeting the single, leaf-obsessed market for a while.

Just Salad’s role as cupid for young professionals grew in , too, when the company first released the dating website SaladMatch online.

Get in a daily dose of healthy kale with this easy Kale, Date & Almond Salad I love finding gems like this with such positive feedback (even non-kale lovers.

Over a salad. A salad of roots and skyrockets in flight. Roasted root vegetables all thyme-ed up on the spinach boat with hunks of feta and balsamic-date vinaigrette. True Story. You just ate 3 pounds of vegetables. This is how 3 pounds of veggies get taken down: You lather up your roots with oil, thyme, salt and pepper. You then spread them on a baking sheet, roast them at four hundo and glue yourself to the oven for approx.

But not both, never both until your roots are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. The root vegetables will c0me out all toasty, noodling notes on your heart strings. Prepare for your heart strings to get noodled.

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